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A DREAM REALIZED BY FELLOW CAR ENTHUSIAST, DANGEROUS OBSESSIONS WAS FOUNDED IN THE LATE SUMMER OF 2008 THIS CLUB IS FOUNDED FOR THE REASON OF GIVING HATERZ THEIR REASON FOR BREATHING?TO HATE ON HOW HARD THIS ORGANIZATION SHUTS DOWN THE TOWN. DANGEROUS OBSESSIONS TAKES PRIDE AND RESPECT TO A NEW LEVEL. FORMING TO BRING AN ALLIANCE OF BAD ASS WHIPS ? BIG BOY TOYZ ? SLAMMED, LAYED OUT, JACKED UP, WILD AND TWIZTED RIDES TO BE YOUR INTENTIONS! We live by a few codes and some don't. We believe you should always stay true to yourself, life is short and full of very few opportunities to do something special. We all have a few gifts, some more natural than others, and when those gifts can give inspiration and joy to thousands, we believe you have a responsibility to do that. Sometimes the road gets tuff, but that's what make you/us special. Believe in who you are, be Passionate about who you are, take Pride what you CAN do, be Responsible for the inspiration you give others, never quit at what you do, it will only leave a void of unhappiness in your life, things will fade in due time, but until they do, live for the moment with no regrets and never let outside influences deem your future...


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