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Dangerous Obsessions By-Laws




The name shall be Dangerous Obsessions, said by James Alvarez in 2008, hereinafter referred to as "DO."
The emblem shall be the Dangerous Obsessions logo, as above

Each member shall choose the color for his/her painted logo...




The primary aims and purposes of Dangerous Obsessions are:

1. To bring together friends and family interested in show vehicles and related organized events.
2. To promote safety and the sane use of outdoors with observance of State and National vehicle laws.
3. To periodically participate and attend truck/car shows, truck runs, road trips, cruise nights, toy drives, charity events, club displays of vehicles, equipment, and recreational activities for the show vehicle sport.
4. To annually help and assist in our non-profit Dangerous Obsessions Truck & Car Shows. (In the future.)




1. The By-Laws shall be the law of this club, its officers and members, for governing all its affairs.
2. Chapter Sgt. At Arms' will strongly enforce the By-Laws at all times.
3. Each member shall abide and follow all rules and regulations listed herein.
4. Each member shall sign the By-Law acknowledgement form at time of new membership.
5. Every petitioning prospect shall follow the Dangerous Obsessions By-Laws.
6. Copies of the By-Laws are made available to all members and petitioning prospects through each chapters' Secretary.
7. Amendments- Amendments may be instated to the By-Laws with said permission by the president to hold a vote, however, all laws must reflect of the original. Any amendments to the By-Laws must be presented to entire club/chapter, and voted on at said time of vote. A majority vote must be reached to become an effective law




Membership can be achieved through the following requirements:

We accept all make and models of cars, trucks, lowriders, luxury cars, mini-inspired cars and trucks, and under-construction vehicles. Three (3) mods to apply: IE rims, paint, system etc. New applicants must fill out and application and all fields thereof and agree with all terms of membership

1. Prospecting members shall attend an "unsaid amount" of consecutive meetings and/or events.
2. Prospecting members shall be voted on at time of membership if he/she has passed the probationary period of "unsaid time". A 100% vote must be reached to join. At that time a membership fee of $25 needs to be paid
3. The prospecting member's vehicle must meet the required vehicle modification standards to be logoed

4. Membership requires the following from its members:
1. Members' vehicles must remain with and/or above Dangerous Obsessions vehicle modification standards.
2. Meeting and event attendance is mandatory unless excused by chapter president.

3. Members will be required to pay a yearly fee of $25.

Membership can be terminated for the following:
1. Presidents may terminate membership upon a conflict, wrongdoing, lack of attendance, or any other justified reason of matter.
2. Majority vote by members upon a member for a justified reason may terminate membership


Article 4-A Original stock Vehicles


Vehicles not falling within the Article 4 section of membership may apply as original restored classic vehicle. Original vehicles must be clean and still stock. If vehicle is not stock it must fall within the Article 4 membership rules.




The following rules apply to a members' vehicle:
1. All vehicles must be show quality, or under construction and able to show.
2. All logo worthy vehicles shall have a Dangerous Obsessions logo on their vehicle.
3. All vehicles shall be clean at all times of meetings or events.
4. All vehicles shall meet or exceed the present quality of Dangerous Obsessions.

These requirements are what Dangerous Obsessions logo worthy vehicles are about. We pride ourselves by building the best and finest show quality vehicles the world has ever seen.




Voting will be either verbal or with written ballots.

The club will vote upon such items:
1. New members (prospects)
2. New officers- to be voted when necessary
3. Current members- for termination of membership- when necessary




1. Any conflict between members will be dealt with by each other. If the conflict meets no resolution, club officers will step in and deal with the conflict.
2. Members must establish a line between club business and non-club business.
3. No attitudes will be accepted.
4. Probation and/or termination will be given for absenteeism, tardiness, lack of interest, any justified reason of matter, etc, etc




1. All vehicles will stay in the order as follows:

President - Bruce 

Vice President - Brian

Sgt at Arms

All other members

Prospecting members

2. No jumping out of line, except for emergencies.
3. If club does not leave as group, highest position officer will lead group.
4. Headlights must be on in a caravan.
5. Flash lights on and off in an emergency.
6. Everyone should have a spare tire and tools and/or some form of road assistance.
7. There will be no tailgating or racing.
8. If a member should be pulled over, the rest of club will proceed to the next right exit and wait




Dangerous Obsessions recognizes members for their accomplishments. There will be a member of the year award each year.
1. A chosen member will tally the points and award the winner at the end of the year.
2. The year award will be giving first meeting of the following year.
3. Points will be awarded as follows:

Showing (local- within ½ hour from meeting location)= 1 pts

Showing (out of town- more than ½ hour from meeting location)= 2 pts

Car Show (local- within ½ hour from meeting location) = 1pt

Trophies at car show = 1st place = 3 : 2nd place = 2 : 3rd place = 1

Car Show (out of town- more than ½ hour from meeting location) = 2pts

Trophies at car show = 1st place = 3 : 2nd place = 2 : 3rd place = 1

Meetings= 2 pts, late= 1pt

Club activity= 1 pt




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